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RealLy Realtor Proudly Presents 1030 King Street West 208

RealLy Realtor's Holiday Greetings 2019

A special video to thank all of my all my Clients, Colleagues, Friends, and Supporters for an amazing 2019! Please visit the Helping Hands Toronto Facebook Page:

How to RealLy stay present in a real estate transaction.  Mindfulness tips for Buyers and Sellers

In this episode, Jack Ly delves into a topic that is seldom discussed in real estate: the emotional impact and stress for Buyers and Sellers in a real estate transaction. We sit down with a mindfulness meditation instructor Reena Ruparelia to discuss 5 tips on how to stay present in the process of buying or selling a home.

Is the Government of Canada realLy giving free money to First-Time Home Buyer?

As part of the National Housing Strategy, the Government of Canada is launching the First-Time Home Buyer Incentive in September to help with your monthly mortgage carrying costs without adding to your financial burdens. This sounds good on paper but how can you realLy benefit from it?


RealLy Realtor Presents - Totem Condos at 17 Dundonald Street

In this Episode, our host Jack Ly gives us a walk through of some the unique features of Totem Condos at 17 Dundonald Street.


How to RealLy review a Status Certificate!

A status certificate is a document provided by the condominium corporation to buyers of resale condos that provides a snapshot of the unit and the building as at the date that the certificate is issued. In this episode, I will go over the 5 top items that you should be aware when reviewing the status certificate.

5 Tips for Landlords from a Professional Property Manager

In this episode, we speak to Lovelyn Valdez, a Professional Property Manager from about some of the common mistakes that Landlords make and how to avoid them!

The benefits of working with a Mortgage Broker

In this episode, RealLy Realtor converse with James Harrison about the benefits of using a Mortgage Broker as you begin your home purchasing process.

5 Tips to RealLy stage your home like a Pro!

In this episode RealLy Realtor interviews Lyn Phillips from for her 5 top home staging tips. Great information for Sellers or individuals looking to showcase their homes in the best light!

RealLy Realtor's Holiday Greeting 2018

A special video to thank all of my all my Clients, Colleagues, Friends, and Supporters for an amazing 2018! Please visit the Helping Hands Toronto Facebook Page:

RealLy Realtor Presents...30 Coatsworth Crescent!

I am super excited to showcase my latest listing at 30 Coatsworth Crescent! A truly rare find in the city! Spacious 5 bedroom home and walking distance to Coxwell Station, the Danforth,

Monarch Park, and schools. 2 car parking. 8 ft Basement with walkout to backyard. Spacious master bedroom with

walkout to terrace. Open concept living and dining area. Functional layout with endless possibilities.

RealLy Realtor Presents...123 Amulet Crescent!

I am super excited to showcase my latest listing at 123 Amulet Crescent! This 9 years Freehold townhome in high demand Rouge Woods. Just minutes to Hwy 404, Costco, Staples, Home Depot, and Tim Hortons! Or leave the car at home and take a stroll to Richmond Green Sports Centre and Park within minutes. Excellent school zone. Functional layout with open concept design. Finished basement with endless possibilities.

How to secure a rental in the competitive Toronto Market

What is going on in Toronto? Multiple offers and offers coming in ABOVE the asking price? No, my friend I am not talking about the height of real estate purchase circa 2017…I am talking about the state of the RENTAL market in Toronto NOW in 2018! If you are a seeking rental in today’s super competitive market then this video is for you. In today’s episode, I will give you my top 5 tips to help you save time and headache but most importantly to stand out in order to win at the rental game.

RealLy Realtor Presents...


In this episode of RealLy Realtor Presents...we look take a look at the neighbourhood surrounding Richmond St W and Spadina Ave and find out more about the gem that is THE ALTERNATIVE CAFE.

5 Tips for Getting Your Home Ready for the Spring Real Estate Market

Its seems that each year the spring real estate market starts earlier and earlier. If you are thinking of putting up your home for sale this Spring, then this video is for you! In today’s episode I will go through my 5 tips for getting your home ready to compete in the GTA market.

6 Common mistakes that new Landlords make

I have been a Real Estate Investor for over 10 years and I’ll be honest, I didn’t have the proper guidance when I rented out my first investment property condo on my own. Therefore, I had to make some mistakes and learn along the way. In today’s episode, I’ll share with you 6 common mistakes that new Landlords make.

RealLy Realtor presents… Sabai Sabai in the Yonge & Bloor Neighbourhood

In this episode of RealLy Realtor presents....we feature Sabai Sabai Kitchen and Bar in the Yonge & Bloor Neighbourhood. Please vistit their website:

Top 5 Tips for First Time Real Estate Investors

Great information for those considering to purchase an investment property for the first time!

How to calculate ROI for Investment Property

If you are looking to purchase a condo investment property in Toronto…then you’ll need to pay attention. RealLy Realtor will show you how to look at the numbers and calculate ROI - Return on Investment.

RealLy Realtor's Holiday Greeting 2017

A special video to thank all of my all my Clients, Subscribers, Followers, and Supporters for an amazing 2017! Please visit the Helping Hands Toronto Facebook Page:

RealLy Realtor presents...The St. Lawrence Market and FARMR Eatery

I have a passion for real estate and supporting local businesses. In this episode of RealLy Realtor presents, I interview Kyle Webster at FARMR Eatery & Catering.

Is it RealLy worthwhile to invest in Toronto Condos?

This video shows you how to look at the cash flow formula to determine if a condo is a worthwhile investment.

How much do you RealLy need for Real Estate closing costs in Toronto?

Great information on closing costs in Toronto!

RealLy Realtor presents....The Danforth Neighbourhood and Globe Bistro!

This is the first video of a series in which I profile some of my favourite restaurants in great neighbourhoods in Toronto.

Is it RealLy the right time to lock in your mortgage?

Useful information on the Bank of Canada announcement on September 6th, 2017 regarding the change in Bank Rate.

Can you RealLy afford a condo in Toronto if you make less than 40k?

The answer may surprise you!

What is it RealLy like in the Toronto's Real Estate Market?

August 2017 Toronto Real Estate Update

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